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2020-01-24 11:28

Private locations overview: Monitor internal sites and add new locationsSynthetics easily integrates with other New Relic products like Insights for a consistent experience and optimal data reporting. Deepdive troubleshooting analytics Use New Relic Synthetics' indepth troubleshooting metrics to resolve problems and bugs in your app. new relic synthetics examples

With the New Relic Synthetics REST API, you can make API calls to change or retrieve secure credentials data. This document explains the API requirements and contains API cURL command examples. For general guidelines for setting secure credentials and setting them in the UI, see Secure credentials. . Requirements and rules

This document describes just a few of the ways to write browser scripts for New Relic Synthetics. To view and share other scripted browser examples and discuss WebDriverJS scripting, check out the Synthetics Scripts section of the New Relic Online Technical Community. For more help. Additional resources include: New Relic Synthetics New Relic Mobile. New Relic Synthetics allows you to proactively monitor your website by offering browser tests, which run real, Seleniumpowered scripts on your Chrome browser on your mobile device from locations around the world to ensure your content isnew relic synthetics examples Previously (where the monitor runtime version was ) Synthetics monitor scripts utilised Selenium version Now however (where the monitor runtime version is ) Synthetics monitor scripts utilise Selenium version The removal of isElementPresent is not something New Relic specific.

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Remember, this was just one example of the kind of scripted browser you could write with New Relic Synthetics. Check out these other examples or have a look at the New Relic documentation or our reference guide for more information. Michael Sustaita is a technical sales engineer at New Relic. His focus is solving difficult customer challenges new relic synthetics examples Set up your team to get the most from New Relic Synthetics with this set of proven and fieldtested best practices. Datanauts Join the New Relic Ambassador Program and become a Datanaut. Support Connect with our team of technical experts to find solutions that meet your needs. New Relic University NRU provides training that empowers you to gain the insight you need to New Relic Synthetics is a suite of automated, scriptable tools to monitor your websites, critical business transactions, and API endpoints. All New Relic users get free Ping monitors that ensure your website is accessible. These Ping monitors are what we refer to as basic checks . What Is New Relic Synthetics? New Relic Synthetics is like a crash test dummy for your software. Synthetics allows you to configure a myriad of tests to run against your website and services from around the world on a recurring schedule. These tests help you find problems and fix them before your customers experience them.