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In this article. The XmlReader sample demonstrates the processing of a message body using an XmlReader. The sample is based on the Getting Started, which implements a calculator service. An additional service operation, Sum, has been added that accepts a message that contains an array of values to add together.XML is a self describing language and it gives the data as well as the rules to extract what the data it contains, Reading Xml with XmlReader in VB. Net, Reading XML with XmlTextReader in VB. Net xml reader example

When an XmlReader is first created and initialized, there is no information available. You must call Read to read the first node. The Read method sets the state of the XML reader to initiate ReadState and moves through the XML file sequentially until it reaches the end of the file, at which point the method returns a

The following example navigates through the stream to determine the current node type, and then uses XmlWriter to output the XmlReader content. StringBuilder output new StringBuilder(); String xmlString @ ! Getting an XmlDocument from an XmlReader. One of the issues I did have was classes which extended the load behaviour of an existing class. For example, one abstract class has a number of base properties, which I easily converted to use XmlReader. However, this class is inherited by other classes and these load additional properties.xml reader example 1. DOM XML Parser Example. This example shows you how to get the node by name, and display the value.

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Oct 24, 2008 Finally if you want to create an XmlReader over a string of XML markup then use XmlReader. Create(new but your other post sounds as if you have found that already. Thursday, October 23, 2008 1: 40 PM xml reader example There are mainly two methods for reading XML with C# : The XmlDocument class and the XmlReader class. XmlDocument reads the entire XML content into memory and then lets you navigate back and forward in it as you please, or even query the document using the XPath technology. The XmlReader is a faster and less memoryconsuming alternative. XSLT Tutorial XSLT Introduction XSL Languages XSLT Transform XSLT XSLT XSLT XSLT XSLT XSLT XSLT Apply XSLT on the Client XSLT on the Server XSLT Edit XML XSLT Examples XQuery Tutorial XQuery Introduction XQuery Example XQuery FLWOR XQuery HTML XQuery Terms XQuery Syntax XQuery Add XQuery In our last article, we started with an introduction to XML and created a physical XML file. Now, we will try to read from an existing XML file using the XmlReader class. Before proceeding, go through my previous article: Get Started With XML Using C# . Background You need an existing XML file to implement this. The XmlReader is a faster and less memory consuming alternative. It lets you run through the XML string one element at a time, while allowing you to look at the value, and then moves on to the next XML element. C# XmlReader example Sample XML string 1100 Windows 7 2000 Read XML with XmlReader in C#