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Subject: [unixadminl mget command Hi, I trying ftp to unix system& trying to all files from one directly over to my windows system in a particular folder. I came to know there is command called mget which can be used. Can anybody explain how it can be used. ThanksExample 1: GET and MGET enable you to obtain files from a remote host and send them to the local host. In this example, FTP subcommands are issued from MVSXA2 to MVSVIC03. See Table 1 for other subcommands useful for working with and transferring data. ftp command mget example

Send and receive a file in FTP. To get files from the server onto your computer, use the get command as shown in the example below. In this example, you would get the file myfile. htm. Tip: If you want to get more than one file, use mget and wildcards. For example, if you wanted to get all files that end with. htm, you could type mget. htm.

The FTP commands used with Linux and Unix differ from the FTP commands used with the Windows command line. Here are examples that illustrate typical uses of the Linux FTP commands for remotely copying, renaming, and deleting files. The help function lists the commands that you can use to show the directory contents, transfer files, and delete files. For the purposes of this Web page, the local machine refers to the machine you are initially logged into, the one on which you type the ftp command. The remote machine is the other one, the one that is the argument of the ftp command.ftp command mget example In this example, the same user kryten uses the mget command to copy a set of files from the tmp directory to his home directory. Note that kryten can accept or reject individual files in the set.

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mget: this command can retrieve multiple files at a time. View some of the example below: FTP mget file01 file02 file03. separate each file with a space. FTP mget filename FTP mget. txt. start or finish with the common characters in the file name, and the star () can be used as a wildcard character ftp command mget example When you execute your script file with ftp, you have to turn off the globbing which will allow the use of wildcards in the script. For example: ftp n i s: scriptfile. txt should work but. ftp n i g How do I FTP multiple files from the command line? Ask Question 23. 1. I needed to add the flag to suppress the PROMPT command: ftp i s: C: \Scripts\ftp01 ftpserver. domain. com ftp commandline. share Once that's off it shouldn't ask you to confirm each file for the mput (or an mget). share The FTP server creates the name of the corresponding local file automatically as determined by the default naming rules. The MGET FTP client subcommand uses the following process to determine where to put files. The MGET subcommand always places files in the current library or directory. The mget does not allow your to explicitly specify target local directory. It always downloads the files to the current local working directory. Though, you can change the local working directory using lcd command: ftp lcd C: \path Local directory now C: \path. ftp mget.